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QuiverX Capital and Ternio Blockcard have teamed up to bring point of sale payment cards to the QuiverX ecosystem. Holders of QuiverX will have the ability to load their QRX tokens into their account and use their card to pay vendors without having to manually exchange them into fiat currency.

Additionally, businesses fundraising on the platform will be using the cards to gain access to their funds, increasing ease of use and accessibility.

Ternio is registered with the FDIC and SEC making QuiverX Blockcard by Ternio a secure and functional way for you to access and use your QuiverX tokens.

In order to enroll for a QuiverX Blockcard, holders will need to stake their QRX tokens for a minimum of 6 months to be able to utilize quality and must continue to stake their QRX tokens to gain access to benefits and perks for the reward tier of their choosing. …

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Satoshi Club AMA updated, edited, and streamlined to make it easier to read.


Satoshi Club: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you start with QuiverX?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: My name is Ivan, I am the CEO of QuiverX Capital. I have a background in project management and business management working with both the United States Marine Crops and Fortune 500 companies such as SAIC. I have certificates in Lean Six Sigma, and I am currently finishing up a Masters’s Degree in Chinese medicine and philosophy.

My business partner Mike has been in hospitality and sales management for about 10 years and has a postgraduate degree currently working as a licensed acupuncturist. …

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QuiverX xCard
(Point of Sale Payment Card)

The QuiverX xCard Program is a multi- tiered, point-of-sale payment card, which will be available to users depending on their region and regulations. You will be able to use your xCard anywhere debit cards are accepted. In order to qualify for an xCard, users must meet the staking requirements for each tier with a minimum of six months staked.

Features of the QuiverX xCard:


• 1% Cash back on all purchases
• ATM Cash Access
• 10,000 QRX Staked for 6 months

QuiverX Plus

• 2% Cash back on all purchases
• ATM Cash Access
• 250,000 QRX Staked for 6 months • Rewards and Benefits…

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13 chances to be One of the Founding members of the QuiverX-eXcel Point of Sale Payment Card Program.

Lifetime access can be purchased for $5,000 USDT / ETH — OR you can enter for a chance to win a card in our weekly lottery!

Thursday, November 11–19–2020 at 11:00am PST. the weekly lottery begins.

Winners are randomly selected each Thursday.

Entries are 0.1 ETH per entry. 10 entries max per wallet.

This ultra rare opportunity will only be available while supplies last.

1. Weekly lottery winners will be among the first to receive their Payment cards — with no 6 month staking requirement! …

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QuiverX and PAID Network will be partnering to bring safety and security to the QuiverX Ecosystem to insure you #GetPAID.

PAID is a decentralized protocol offering users easy-to-use web and mobile DApps, enabling them to do business with anyone anywhere, without the need for expensive legal services.

Using PAID Networks proprietary SMART Agreements which are uniquely customizable, users can quickly fill in the terms of most business arrangements and easily negotiate agreements to create legally binding contracts amongst each other.

With the QuiverX — xChange to be released in the next couple of months. Our peer-to-peer platform will offer an opportunity to buy, sell, and auction liquidity creating a dynamic way to enter and exit liquidity on demand adding value and flexibility to the liquidity market. …

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Hello QuiverX Community,

Today is the day!

Staking Pool #2 hosted by Ferrum Network will begin at 11:00am UTC.

120 day / 55% APY.


The 1st Staking Pool filled up in just under an hour so try and get to the site early to ensure you are able to start accumulating QuiverX before the platform and payment visas are introduced.

Over the next few days we will be running some promotions and making some big announcements!

Stay tuned and as always good luck on all your investments.

@Y0giJi / Ivan
Founder / CEO — QuiverX Capital

Questions? Send us a message on Telegram:

@Y0giJi/ Ivan

@Smadaekim/ Mike



▪️Tg Group:


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The QuiverX Capital team are very excited about our newest partnership with Foresight Defi Insurance.

The Foresight platform is an evolving insurance solution for the savvy cryptocurrency investor.

Presently most insurance solutions are utilized by institutional investors and high-profile crypto-exchanges, but what the market really needs right now is an option for individual investors to protect themselves against cryptocurrency fraud, exit scams, and stealing of investment funds.

The Foresight team is doing just that!

They have are developing a unique method of combining smart-contracts with the intelligence of a decentralized autonomous organization to provide premium insurance packages to the individual investor. …

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Hello QuiverX / xEarn Community,

I’d like to congratulate everyone for joining us in our successful first halving which took place this Saturday.

We have had some great suggestions from the community and this week we will be adding a estimated rewards distributed per pool indicator and countdown timer to the farming platform.

We are especially pleased to announce in order to celebrate our first ever farming event and to show our appreciation to everyone who joined us, we have Air Dropped xEarn to all xEarn token holders as per the random screen shot taken 11–8–2020.

We have also sent 75% of xEarn rewards from the treasury to xEarn liquidity providers in the same manner mentioned above! …

Next Staking Pool November 13th, 2020 at 6:00pm UTC!

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QuiverX Capital is very excited to announce that the launch of the our first staking pool was a huge success and, we were humbled at the engagement we saw from our community. The 242 day staking pool filled up in just under an hour.

With just two more opportunities to stake QRX tokens in 2020, we suggest all interested persons mark the date. If these pools are anything like the first one, you won’t want to be late.

Time and date for the two remaining pools are as follows:

Staking pool 2 (size 3.5M-QRX) : Launch 11/13/2020 6:00pm UTC

  • 120 day staking period with an early release of funds after 30…

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To celebrate the inception of the first three QuiverX Staking pools, we are increasing our staking rewards. Our new staking rewards pool will be as follows:

Staking pool 1 (size 1.9M-QRX) : Launch 10/30/2020 6:00pm UTC

  • 242 day staking period with an early release of funds after 60 days.
  • Zero rewards for early release
  • Previous rewards 52% APY upon full maturation → current rewards increased 22% to 74% APY upon full maturation

Staking pool 2 (size 3.5M-QRX) : Launch 11/13/2020 6:00pm UTC

  • 120 day staking period with an early release of funds after 30 days
  • Zero rewards for early release
  • Previous rewards 33% APY upon maturation → current rewards increased 19% changed to 52% APY upon full…



QuiverX is a crowdfunding investment platform using cryptocurrency to have partial ownership of real world assets, stocks and, digital investments.

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