QuiverX: Foresight + QuiverX Partnership

2 min readNov 10, 2020

The QuiverX Capital team are very excited about our newest partnership with Foresight Defi Insurance.

The Foresight platform is an evolving insurance solution for the savvy cryptocurrency investor.

Presently most insurance solutions are utilized by institutional investors and high-profile crypto-exchanges, but what the market really needs right now is an option for individual investors to protect themselves against cryptocurrency fraud, exit scams, and stealing of investment funds.

The Foresight team is doing just that!

They have are developing a unique method of combining smart-contracts with the intelligence of a decentralized autonomous organization to provide premium insurance packages to the individual investor.

They protect against fraudulent crypto-events that previously would have left investors penniless.

With short to mid-length policy terms, Foresight allows you to pick the plan that works for you without feeling tied down in order to gain peace of mind.

The community focused DAO, brings fair voting into the process to support the validity of all insurance claims.

Foresight fights exclusively for the individual, not big crypto or exchanges.

This is important because one of our top priorities at QuiverX Capital is offering our community and investors a safe and secure experience.

This partnership with Foresight is a huge step in that direction!

The Foresight team will be helping to assist in the vetting process of new projects looking to list on our crowdfunding platform, bring confidence to potential investors.

QuiverX users will have the added benefit of receiving discounts when choosing a premium insurance packages with Foresight.

It pays to be insured!

Foresight Insurance will be available at the beginning of 2021!

Visit them online at to learn more:

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