QuiverX: October 11, 2020 Pre-Sale Update

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🔶Good afternoon community!🔶

The LID Protocol presale with QuiverX Capital begins tomorrow at 9pm PST! And as always, LID stakers can get up to 15 minutes early access!

🔸Hardcap: 1000

🔸Softcap: 300

🔸Max ETH per wallet: 25

🔸Base price: 33033

🔸Uniswap price: 26427

Any unsold tokens will be allocated to those who have invested. For example, if the sale ends at 700 ETH the remaining 300 range will be distributed to those who invested in the presale.

🔷Presale: https://sale.lid.sh/qrx

🔸QuiverX TG: https://t.me/QuiverXCapital

🔸QuiverX Website: https://quiverx.io/

  • *We are very proud to announce our new partnerships with Ferrum Network and Dex tools. More details to come with these partnerships very soon!
  • Also please don’t forget to tune in for our second AMA on October 14th, 2020 with Crypto Revolution!

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