QuiverX: October 12, 2020 Moving Forward

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First of all the QuiverX team would like to thank everyone for all of the interest and support in the project. It is a very exciting time, and lots of good news is on the way!

To start off there will be 2 AMAs tomorrow, one with Crypto Thai @12pm UTC/ 5am PST, and another following with Crypto Revolution @ 2pm UTC/ 7am PST.

We are currently working with Ferrum Network so that we can get our staking dApp up and running. It should be fully functional in about 5–10 days. Look forward to 3 different pools, with the lowest APY being 18%. We will give more in depth details as the development finishes.

The QuiverX platform is being further developed and our timeline is looking like you can expect to have that completed by mid to late November.

Our crypto-related lawyer is hard at work making sure that we have all of the proper documentation and licensure necessary for QuiverX Capital, as well working on drawing up legal documents that can be applied to the investment components for the crowdfunding platform.

As for exchanges we are still in search of the best model that will benefit the project as well as be an acceptable choice within the community.

Once again, thank you for the support and we are thrilled with what is to come and very excited to keep things moving forward!

@smadaekim/ Mike

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QuiverX is a crowdfunding investment platform using cryptocurrency to have partial ownership of real world assets, stocks and, digital investments.

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