QuiverX: October 14, 2020 AMA Recap

4 min readOct 14, 2020

Today we had two AMAs, one with Crypto Revolution and the other with Gem Collectors. Here are some of the questions and answers that were given within the discussions.

Crypto Revolution

Question: Crowdfunding Platform for non Crypto related business 😁😁 We will need more details here…. Pretty sure a lot of people don’t know even what is Crowdfunding

Answer: Sure, as I’m sure everyone here has already realized we have 3 use cases for our crypto to buy, sell or, hold. Most recently with yield farming and liquidity pools a new avenue became available where we could earn money from our crypto. QuiverX is looking to take this one step further by tokenizing small and medium business by providing liquidity to their pool the same way you would on uniswap for example except instead of the liquidity being used as a buy sell trade method the liquidity will be used to fund business that will offer dividends on your liquidity tokens and increase the value of those liquidity tokens similar to stock so not only are you getting an immediate return the value of your investment is also rising as the business grows.

So crowdfunding is exactly what a presale is, many individual investors providing a small or large bit of capital to launch said business. This is the same thing except for small to medium business that aren’t crypto related.

Question: Why did QuiverX choose to lock liquidity permanently instead of doing massive marketing? Is your vision more concerned with security than token prices?

Answer: Amazing question! Given the state of the market and recent rug pulls. It was important for us to lock a large portion in liquidity permanently. We believe it will still be possible for us to work with the funds we do have available and bring security to QuiverX holders we feel the value of QuiverX token will progress the project forward in the long run.

We also burned 4.5 million tokens from our circulating supply of 54 million with a total supply of 95.5 million

Question: What are the ways QuiverX is generating profits/revenue to maintain your project and with is its revenue model? How can it benefit in a win-win situation for both investors and the project?

Answer: QuiverX will be the utility token for the QuiverX platform.

It will be used by businesses to pay for listing on our site, paid advertising, and other special promotions.

It will be used by investors to have early access to investments this is especially helpful if the project has become very popular and shows a high potential for return because once the hardcap is reached for a particular project that project will be closed for further investment.

An undetermined portion of fees from listings and advertising. Since fees are paid in QRX holders will receive additional QRX for being one of our members.

We believe this is a win win for anyone since both investors and people looking for capital can hold QRX

Gem Collectors

Question: Interesting back story, in the white paper there’s talk of ‘remodelling traditionally inaccessible markets’, what are these inaccessible markets, are we talking about the non-crypto related businesses in this case? Why are they inaccessible and how is QuiverX going to change that fact?

Answer: In order to invest as an angel investor you would need to have for example 1 million dollars in net worth or have 25k to be able to invest and other stipulations in order to qualify to be able to invest. By bringing together the investor and the company we are breaking the barrier of entry for these start up company’s and investors so that they can still get in early.

Business will also be able to have access to much needed capital and this type of decentralized lending would benefit people from all parts of the world who wouldn’t traditionally have access to this type of investing

Question: Great way of renewing the crowdfunding world. How will QuiverX introduce this crowdfunding method into the crypto world or is it only meant for non-crypto businesses? Normally a crypto-project would raise funding using a presale, why use the QuiverX method instead?

Answer: I’m sure as everyone knows with your crypto you can buy, hold , or sell and this is all within the crypto world. By creating the QuiverX platform we are aiming to provide another use case by using liquidity LP tokens to tokenize these businesses and similar to dividends offer returns to investors proportional to their stake in the company.

Question: Very clear explanation, thanks Ivan. So the QuiverX app will allow investors/users to stake their coins, why would someone use this app, why not stake elsewhere? What are the APY rates?

Answer: Yes that is correct you will also be able to use the app to engage with the platform on the go or if you don’t have a computer. In terms of staking we are working with Ferrum Network to bring staking to our platform. Staking will go live in the next 5–10 days. We have yet to release the details of in terms of rates and length of time we would require users to stake however I can say that the minimum staking period will be 3 months with 18% APY.

While it’s true people can stake else where if you are interested in using the QuiverX platform or are looking for a safe and reliable place to grow your portfolio we believe QuiverX is the place to do it.

Also at this time it’s still very early and the staking rewards could be considerably magnified as the price of the coin rises in value.

*Please keep an eye out for future AMAs!!





QuiverX is a crowdfunding investment platform using cryptocurrency to have partial ownership of real world assets, stocks and, digital investments.