Apr 21, 2021

3 min read

QuiverX Partners with Plethori to Integrate Blockchain ETF

QuiverX has formed a strategic partnership with Plethori.

Partners in innovation

Unlocking the future of trading

  • PLE Token: PLE will use decreasing economics rather than inflation. (There will only be a total of 100 million tokens minted.)
  • Fiat Gateway: Users can convert profits to their local currency through dedicated fiat gateways, promising high liquidity.
  • Optimism: For lightning-fast speed, Plethori uses Optimism’s second layer solution to take the load off the mainnet. Optimism also offers attractively low transaction fees.
  • Gamification: As mentioned above, ERC-721 integration will reward users in the form of NFTs. Fund managers are also rewarded as they “level-up” the ranks.