QuiverX Partners with Plethori to Integrate Blockchain ETF

QuiverX has formed a strategic partnership with Plethori.

Plethori is ushering in a new chapter in decentralized finance. In fact, it is cryptocurrency’s first investment platform that combines ETF creation and trading. Using blockchain technology, Plethori is built on both Polkadot and Optimism, promising fully decentralized cross-chain investment.

Partners in innovation

With the exciting partnership now official, QuiverX is planning on working to create ETFs of the most popular projects within its ecosystem. Beginning with one and soonafter expanding, each project will be voted on by the QuiverX community.

Unlocking the future of trading

Plethori offers much more than blockchain ETF trading. Some of its core attributes that stand out to the team at QuiverX include:

  • Fiat Gateway: Users can convert profits to their local currency through dedicated fiat gateways, promising high liquidity.
  • Optimism: For lightning-fast speed, Plethori uses Optimism’s second layer solution to take the load off the mainnet. Optimism also offers attractively low transaction fees.
  • Gamification: As mentioned above, ERC-721 integration will reward users in the form of NFTs. Fund managers are also rewarded as they “level-up” the ranks.

QuiverX is a crowdfunding investment platform using cryptocurrency to have partial ownership of real world assets, stocks and, digital investments.