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Satoshi Club: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you start with QuiverX?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: My name is Ivan, I am the CEO of QuiverX Capital. I have a background in project management and business management working with both the United States Marine Crops and Fortune 500 companies such as SAIC. I have certificates in Lean Six Sigma, and I am currently finishing up a Masters’s Degree in Chinese medicine and philosophy.

My business partner Mike has been in hospitality and sales management for about 10 years and has a postgraduate degree currently working as a licensed acupuncturist.

QuiverX started for a few reasons!
1. We were already investing in the traditional and crypto markets, but wanted access to the opportunities like Airbnb or Door Dash, which at the time are reserved for angel investors.

That’s a problem for anyone who doesn’t have 1m dollars or more to become an accredited investor.

We also wanted something else to do with our crypto other than buy, hold, sell, and now stake or farm.

Additionally, both Mike and I have opened successful businesses in the small and medium enterprise market and thought it would be beneficial to find a way for individuals to invest in SMEs, similar to how a presale is conducted today with many investors providing capital in a decentralized manner.

So after many cups of coffee and meetings, we decided on QuiverX.

Satoshi Club: Great introduction and now I think we can start with questions from our community, ready for them?😉

Part 2, Community Questions.

Q1 from Telegram user: @Jmagsss
According to your tokenomics, there is a 19.18% allocation for Bankrolls, what is the purpose of this allocation and where will it be used?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: In order to list on exchanges typically you need to give them a number of tokens. Some of these bankroll funds will be used for that. We will also use some to make further developments and to supplement our marketing fund if needed.

Satoshi Club: Which exchanges do you plan to list $QRX ? As I know, you are listed on Uniswap now, right?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: At the moment we are looking at Biki and BitMart but further, down the road, we would like to list on Kucoin, Huobi, and Kraken.

Satoshi Club: Also, what about marketing? Do you have any bounty programs?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Yes, we have done quite a few promotions the most recent was our meme contest and we will be doing many more

We are also working with Token Minds which has raised over 75m in funds for various projects as a professional marketing and PR agency.


We are also working with Platinum Crypto Academy who has over 150 thousand crypto-investors and publishes a monthly magazine where you can find us featured.


As well as influencers and other open discussions in prominent crypto community events such as this one.

Q2 from Telegram user: @abedmahmud
On your website, on the team section, you have published only 2 members of the team: Ivan Castillo and Mike Adams. You have only 2 members or you work with other people? How big is your team?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Yes, Mike and I are the licensed owners of the LLC. We work with a company called OpenXCell for our development with about 12 people on the team including front end, back end, blockchain developers, app developer, project managers, and so on.

We have also partnered with the Ferrum Network for staking and their team.

Also, Token Minds which have about 4 people on our marketing campaign.

Plus 3 advisors from big names who have been guiding the project.

Q3 from Telegram user: @Jmagsss
I am interested to acquire one of your payment cards, how can I apply and what are the requirements to be eligible?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: We are waiting to hear back about when they will be ready, but the paperwork has been submitted and we meet the qualifications for getting them. We will have more information as time goes on, but we are looking to have them ready in 6–8 months.

We will have similar requirements and structure to Crypto.com and Swipe.

Satoshi Club: In which country will you get them?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: We are currently in the United States and cards will be available to the user depending on their local regulations.

Q4 from Telegram user: @zaferce
Can I earn bonuses for purchases with a QuiverX Capital point of sale payment card, and in which areas will the 5% cashback provided?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Initially in order to bring users to our platform we will have many incentives and bonuses so early adopters will be the ones to benefit the most. Initially we will offer up to 8% cashback on all payments made using the card, payable in our utility token and these funds have already been allocated in our staking rewards. After, we will supplement rewards through fees generated on our site from listings, marketing, promotions, and we will offer comparable returns to what is available on the market when we get to that point. Of course our token is tradable on the market so users can do what they like with their rewards.

Satoshi Club: Do you have any approximate timeframe when this all will go live?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: 6–8 months depending on processing time, but it could slide a little either way.

We will have many interesting features and developments to keep people engaged until the point of sale cards roll out.

Our strategy is to undersell and overproduce 😁 rather than the other way around.

Q5 from Telegram Username: @ozmnhkn
What will be the most profitable aspect in the QuiverX ecosystem? Staking or lending, Yield Farming? What are the future incentives for liquidity providers in QuiverX?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Farming at the moment offers about 6000% APY, but as things stand we will only have one farming round which has started 6 days ago and will last for 20 weeks. The rewards for farming are deflationary and xEarn holders will have the ability to participate in voting of community-related projects and other special rewards as the site, wallet payment cards, and marketplace become available.

Farming is like a checking account.

Our staking application the other hand right now offers higher rewards than both Swipe and Crypto.com, and holders will receive QuiverX for staking their tokens.

Staking is like a savings account. Especially if you are interested in the platform.

Because QuiverX will have associated fees for marketing, promotions, listings, and so on, we plan on dedicating an undecided portion to the community and offering many bonuses as time goes on.

Our highest rewards for staking at the moment are up to 74%, and that pool starts today.

Satoshi Club: Also, how can I stake? Where?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Staking is located on the QuiverX website under the staking tab. Farming can be found on the drop-down tab on the QuiverX website as well, under the tab xEarn.

All of our medium articles can be viewed here





Satoshi Club: And I want to ask you about the hottest topic of DeFi…NFT…any plans to work with this? 😁

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Haha we have partnered with an NFT artist for one of our up and coming promotions. More information on this will be released in the future but one thing I will say about it is 13 lucky people will have wallet fees waived for life.

Q5 from Telegram Username: @KevSalom
If I require some capital for a business or a small company I am starting, how can I use QuiverX to find potential investors? Should I advertise, check my brand, or what actually? Please explain this process to us.

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Sure as a business looking to use our platform first sign up, provide proper documentation, and verification:

Business license
Any other required licensing
Business plan and proposal
Identity verification

Once you and your business have been verified you can post your listing.

You put all the information about your business plan, how much you’re looking to raise, what your payment schedule will be, and so forth.

Once you are listed on the site you get placed into your category under the new listings, and if you are popular your listing will be front-run under new businesses on the front page.

You will also be able to pay for marketing, promotion, and others to have your project have more visibility.

The community will also be able to vote to have projects featured.

We have plans for video promotions, banners, PR writing and more.

If a business has these requirements and is interested in being a part of our platform they can message us and apply to be listed before the site comes live to be one of the first listed. We are also reaching out to the business to invite them to be a part of our platform.


Q-1 from telegram user: @surendra040

What is the governance model of QuiverX ? How can users participate in governance?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: Our governance info can be found here:


Q-2 from telegram user: @surendra040

Is it true that QuiverX chose to allocate unsold tokens to those who have already invested rather than burning it? I also found 4.5 million tokens were burned. Why were the tokens not allocated and burned?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: There were no unsold tokens, our presale sold out in 2.5 hours.

The burn happened and can be seen here


Some of our marketing funds were used for a Hotbit listing, but the community then voted not to list on Hotbit so we did a buyback for the same amount as our marketing fund.

We have done over 200 ETH in buybacks so far.

Q-3 from telegram user: @KhaleesiTheCryptoLady

How did you select these 13 lucky people that will have wallet fees waived for life? Is there any way on how we could also have it?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: You’ll have to wait and be a part of the promotion.

Q-4 from telegram user: @Midm33

What are the advanced features of QuiverX that make it ahead of its competitors?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: We have many features that are comparable if not better than the market’s best projects. What sets us apart is our integration plans for small and medium enterprises.

Q-5 from telegram user: @Brucedt

I have a few questions about the team, how many developers are working on the project?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: 12

Q-6 from telegram user: @Brucedt

Can you buy and sell crypto through a local bank ( credit card, debit card) in $QRX exchange? How can QuiverX support trading?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: We will not initially be an exchange, but will interact with exchanges through our wallet and platform.

Q-8 from telegram user: @warny

What is xEarn (XRN) and how is it different from QuiverX (QRX)?

Y0giJi | QuiverX: xEarn will be used for governance voting on projects and QuiverX will be a utility token for the platform.

Visit QuiverX.io to learn more

Questions? Send us a message on Telegram:

@Y0giJi/ Ivan

@Smadaekim/ Mike



▪️Website: https://quiverx.io

▪️Tg Group: https://t.me/QuiverXCapital

▪️Twitter: https://twitter.com/quiverx5



QuiverX is a crowdfunding investment platform using cryptocurrency to have partial ownership of real world assets, stocks and, digital investments.

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QuiverX is a crowdfunding investment platform using cryptocurrency to have partial ownership of real world assets, stocks and, digital investments.