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3 min readDec 21, 2020


Phase 1 of xEarn is complete and the farming is now finished.

All unfarmed tokens, upwards of 30% of the total supply of xEarn will be burnt reducing the supply indefinitely.

Moving into phase 2!

QuiverX-xEarn, the governance token for featured project voting on the QuiverX platform, is proud to introduce the xEarn Marketplace.

xEarn Marketplace is a web-based service that will offer freelancers and entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their work and to earn cryptocurrency on the platform.

Not interested in providing services? There are still ways to earn!

Similar to projects like Fiverr, Upwork, and Patreon but with a decentralized and self-governing twist. Individuals that provide any amount of xEarn liquidity will be able to create their own unique user profile as well as create job listings for an array of different fields.

After providing liquidity on Uniswap, your Uni-V2 token will be staked on the platform to start earning rewards.

The xEarn Marketplace allows you to gain rewards in a few ways:

Payments in the Marketplace will be accepted in XRN, QRX, or ETH.

The xEarn Marketplace charges individuals who buy services in the xEarn Market Place a 10% fee. 100% of the profit from these fees are used in xEarns Self-Generating Liquidity system which will use 70% of all fees raised in the xEarn marketplace for buyback into xEarn liquidity.

The break down of market place fees and backs are as follows:

5% goes to the QRX/XRN pool

2% to the XRN/ETH pool

3% will go to development and marketing

For example, someone spends $110 in the Marketplace. The seller charges $100 for their services, but the buyer pays $110 due to the 10% xEarn Marketplace Fee. That $10, or 10%, will go to buybacks and development. $5 or 5% goes to the QRX/XRN pool, $2 or 2% goes to the XRN/ETH pool, and $3 or 3% will be stored in the xEarn Treasury for development and marketing.

Ways to Earn on the xEarn Market Place.

  1. The xEarn Self-Generating Liquidity system allows for the xEarn Marketplace to continue to have potentially unlimited growth and self-maintained progress through token buybacks.
  2. Another way to earn is to participate in the Referral Marketing Program. Earn 2% per transaction per referral. More details about how the referral program works will be released in the coming weeks.
  3. Content providers can create customized jobs and charge accordingly for their services.

Vendors are encouraged to create an environment where they can flourish by providing great customer service, completing in-depth user profiles with resumes and examples of their work, as well as self-marketing and advertising. A rating system will help reflect the level of services you provided.

More details will be released in the next few weeks as well as screenshots and images from the xEarn Marketplace.

Recap of xEarn Governance

1. Persons holding xEarn will be able to receive up to 10% additional staking rewards on their QuiverX staking for each xEarn they have, up to 10 xEarn or more.

2. Holders of 10 xEarn or more will also have their fees reduced when entering or exiting investment opportunities on the QuiverX platform, or when listing a business on the platform.

3. xEarn Governance Program aims to provide an organized and effective way for the community’s voice to be heard and implemented through careful consideration.

4. xEarn holders will be able to vote on available listings on the QuiverX platform and suggest them as the featured monthly community listing.

5. These community listings will hold 1 out of 5 premier advertisement spaces featured on the front page of the QuiverX website, which will help drive the adoption of community-favored projects.

6. xEarn holders with 100 or more xEarn and a minimum of 1,000,000 QRX will be able to vote for additional farming pools and rewards after the farming period has been completed.

7. Additionally, xEarn holders will be able to submit proposals for development upgrades and marketing that will be paid for by the xEarn treasury.

8. Community members who contribute to the xEarn / QuiverX ecosystem will also be eligible to receive special rewards from the xEarn Grant fund.

Questions? Send us a message on Telegram:

@Y0giJi/ Ivan

@Smadaekim/ Mike


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