QuiverX: xEarn Rewards Update

Shortly after the successful presale of QuiverX Capital’s utility token, which traded over $2 million in volume on the first day, we launched the xEarn Yield-Farming protocol.

Our first week of farming is almost finished and we currently have 17 active farmers who have provided roughly $41,000 worth of liquidity into the xEarn Yield-Farming protocol.

As of today the xEarn Treasury has entered into the farming pools to start accruing rewards for xEarn holders. 75% of farmed xEarn will be distributed at the end of every reward cycle and released to xEarn liquidity providers based on a random Etherscan screenshot by the QuiverX Team.

Rewards Distribution Periods:

Week 2- (11/07/2020): 75% distributed xEarn rewards from treasury

Week 6- (12/05/2020): 75% distributed xEarn rewards from treasury

Week 12- (01/16/2021): 75% distributed xEarn rewards from treasury

Week 20- (03/13/2021): 75% distributed xEarn rewards from treasury

This is an amazing step forward for xEarn, by maintaining liquidity and reducing sell pressure we are effectively fortifying xEarn’s first support level.

Good luck and happy farming!

xEarn Yield-Farming Website: https://farm.xearn.capital

Questions? Send us a message on Telegram:

@Y0giJi/ Ivan

@Smadaekim/ Mike


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