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An all-encompassing decentralized mobile wallet and trading solution.

Easy-to-use and intuitive, xWallet is suitable for all experience levels.

xWallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means you are in control.

Performance and convenience at your fingertips!

  • 1inch.Exchange DEX Aggregator integration offers the best prices across multiple decentralized exchanges for all of your trades.
  • Swap any ERC-20 tokens directly within xWallet without the complications of connecting to external websites.
  • MoonPay technology allows for easy purchasing of crypto by using fiat seamlessly within the wallet.
  • Active in more than 160 countries, MoonPay offers a reliable way for users from around the world to access crypto right on their mobile devices and web apps.

More than a mobile wallet, it’s versatility at its finest.

At its core, QuiverX xWallet is a technologically advanced mobile application that offers an effortless and enjoyable experience.

xWallet features a management utility interface for our point-of-sale payment solution, where you can load, track spending and lock your card as needed.

In-app staking offers rewards for maintaining tokens within the wallet with a target of up to 7.42%APY

Equipped with 2FA security, you can safely send, receive and store cryptocurrency while keeping control of your private key.

Coming Soon to Android and IOS.

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QuiverX is a crowdfunding investment platform using cryptocurrency to have partial ownership of real world assets, stocks and, digital investments.

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